Sunday, October 26, 2008

MMmmm! Abundance!

After a weekend of yucky sickness( papa even had to take a day off work) we had a great mellow outing. An old friend called us up to let us know that the salmon have started to spawn, and to invite us over to the creek on thier property to check it out. It was such a beautiful day! The trees are so bright with fall colours and the breeze was just snowing them down on us in the forest. The trail had changed so much since we had last seen it but we managed to find the beach. The stream was pretty quiet but we did see a dozen or so salmon. My oldest son cried and I practically had to hold him back because he wanted to just help the salmon upstream.( who says aspies don't have empathy?!) We cheered them all on for a while and when we got back were greeted with a hot lunch... gluten free and all! Sweet friend! We sure needed that! Before we left he brought us out into thier huge garden ( let me tell you..... I look up to these guys so much as mentors in lifestyle. They have it figured out! They have 20 years on us, but that is where I want to be in 20 years!) and sent us home with a huge bag of kale, a large bag of parsnips, some tomatoes and tomitillos, some leeks and some aragula. Yummy stuff! We also hit the farm on the way home to get some veg for winter storage before the farms close for the season. So inexpensive for a whole lot of food. If I am careful I can really maximise the use of it all! I buzzed up , bagged and froze most of the kale . Made a wonderful roasted veggie and whole chicken tonight and have a stock on the stove. Chopped up a 10 pound bag of apples that was in the clearance bin to dehydrate too... and made an apple crisp which I am about to go enjoy right now! Yippee for harvest and full happy tummies!!

Oh! It looks as though there is going to be a homeschool meeting place ... right down the road from me! Usually everything is in the next town overand is a bus ride or two

( 7$ a time too) or in the boonies where everyone else drives to. So this is huge! I really hope that it works out and that the drop in fee is not too much. They are looking for parent volunteers and I would give my time in a second. With kids on the spectrum and with sensory difficulty, outings and social stuff can be so hit and miss ( usually miss!). I appear so wishy washy to most people. Oh well. I guess you have to be there to get it! Don't like it though when I can't support something that I feel is important! I would need to hire a sitter or something!

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