Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feels like fall already!

Woke up yesterday to a temp of 4 degrees outside!!! I had to turn on the space heater... in August!!!! I can't believe how fast the summer went. The school year starts next week even! Ready and waiting for our " Not Back To School Party!" As this year even my " baby" starts kindergarten.
Have still been spending a ton of time in the shop... trying to get aside enough to do a Christmas fair or something. It would be helpful to fill the oil tank! I have a half dozen things that I am planning to make at the moment.... but I think I have to plan for a garage sale instead. And then write a learning plan for each of the boys for the year for the ministry... and then clean the oven... and maybe make a batch of blackberry jam( after picking the berries of course) and then get ready for the plum, apple and pear harvest. I wish that there were four of me Cause what I would really like to do is have a nap! Here is a taste of what I have been making lately.

Also a linky to a great blog... my new favourite! Hilarious to our Aspie family... that's for sure! Probably funny to many who know us as well.
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Sophia said...

Your work is beautiful! Do you sell on etsy?

villagemama said...

Thank you! I am not set up on Etsy yet! It is all in the works though! Life is feeling busy lately and I havent been in the shop much!