Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nice article...

Thought I'd pass this along!

Not something new for the unschoolers, but a well written, solid and long article!

I need to update this all soon! Exciting stuff happening for us right now that is eating time and energy! Lots of outdoor enjoyment too! T finally got on the bike two weeks ago ( his 7th birthday is in two weeks!) It has been a little bit slower for him because of large motor issues. Excitingly though, he took off like he has been doing it forever. We biked out to the lake ( maybe 6 km?) twice this weekend all on trails and he went full out both times. We had to keep ourselves in " turbo" the whole time to keep up! I even went for a swim. I was the only one in as the spring was so chilly and the lake is glacier fed. It was sooooo cold!
Our littlest guy is finally enrolled in the same homelearning program as number 1 .... My baby is starting " kindergarten"!!! When we discussed that , as homelearners, we can learn about anything we wish to, he happily stated that he would "like to learn about BUTTS!... Butts and garbage!!!!" Should be an interesting year!
I also had a chance to help assist a friend who is a photographer for a wedding on the weekend... it was my first time " working" since the boys were born. craziness! I felt a little like a lump, or a little sheep following her around... in a seemingly less than helpful way. It was fun though and really nice to see the intimate process of being a photographer. She asked me if I would help again and I am so happy to have a change in pace!
There is the mini update... There is bigger better stuff happening... but again, I need to wait for the appropriate time to share the gossip! ( and no... I'm not pregnant!!)

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