Thursday, April 10, 2008

OK... a post every two months isn't so great is it?!!

Well, spring has definitely sprung around here. The daffodils and violets are finally blooming, the nettles are good for eating, and the garden ready for digging. Just got back from the forest picking nettles with the boys as a matter of fact!We all have the stinging fingers to prove it... luckily that was a good opportunity to show the boys the antidote plants too!

Spring also brought a change in jobs for my partner. While there was an initial stress with the uncertainty , it has been such a great change overall. Still in some throes of more possibilities in that area as well.... so we'll see!

The change did, however, spark some huge creativity in the house... unemployment'll do that for ya! We actually decided to put a mini workshop area in our bedroom.
There's some ultra shitty Feng-shui for you. Since our house is under 800 square feet, the bedroom was the only option.It turned out to be the best place for it. Papa bear made a beautiful practice board to teach the boys how to play Go. It is yellow cedar and turned out so nice. Next project will be a full size board I suppose.

I have been hand carving wooden hair forks and sticks. My hair is starting to get long again and I need some heavy duty toys to tame it. It has been so great! I never realized how much I would enjoy working with wood. Now the tricky part will be finding more good woods, as I have a million designs in my mind already!

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Linda said...

How did you learn to work with wood? I'd like to learn this but have no idea where to start.